Saturday, January 2, 2010

Necro Reviews Year Zero

(NOTE: Translated from German via Google Translate.)

Bastard Child Death Cult - Year Zero

If any of you know the movie "Doomsday"? I think the film is highly recommended. “ 28 Days Later “. It begins, as in "28 Days Later," Scotland is a killer disease überrant, whereupon the latter part of the island from the rest of Great Britain with a large wall is insulated. Now Sounds a little to "Escape", right? And there has yet to be smooth, that they send a few people in this separate area, in order to get something out again, right? First of contaminated area arrived in the troop deployment will take on a horde of savages that might come straight from a "Mad Max"-part! So a very turbulent film that makes a lot of fun. But where I really wanted out on it: For this very broken freaks, or the contemplative world of Mad Max is the perfect soundtrack written by BASTARD CHILD DEATH CULT been!

"Year Zero" is music for the new start in a post-apocalyptic world! Dirty rock 'n roll meets dark crust-punk, and aggressive thrash metal. The mixture is eschatological, just good rock music! Zeke, Municipal Waste, Peter Pan Speed Rock and Massmørd in a pot, stir vigorously, let boil a little and you get BASTARD CHILD DEATH CULT!

American Graveyard, "" Slave One "," Buzzki.ll "or" Black Thorn Rising "are just anthems for a fallen world. Clearly, in the limited context of the game snotty rock 'n roll is it even before the time that "Dead To Me Now" sounds almost exactly like "Buzzki.ll. But that does not matter because the songs just rock! Granted, I still can not give me the musical end, but it's me in some places too rudimentary, but I also hear so much about rock 'n roll.

But when I once had a mind is, "Year Zero" snotty, entertainment provided for post-nuclear scenarios. Rock'n Roll!


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