Sunday, October 17, 2010

"First rule of Death Cult: TALK ABOUT DEATH CULT!"

Heeeey... we have a "blog". Daaamn, we totally forgot all about this thing. OK, blogosphere, here's something blogworthy to chew on: We're touring the UK - and the chaos starts NEXT WEEK!!

Please be sure to check out: for all of the up-to-date show info. (Trust us, you won't find any late breaking news here...)

Oh, hey: WE RECORDED 3 NEW SONGS! Check 'em out, and please tell all of your friends about them.

“Everything Turns Grey”

“From Bone To Dust”

“Grey Skies”

And lastly, I suppose... We have a new tour shirt for the upcoming UK dates:
OK, that's it for now you blogomaniacs.

More soon from the land of Egg and watercress sandwiches shortly..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WTF BCxDC???? What's up??

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... OK, so we officially lose the "Blog Of The year Award". Apologies, we promise not to disappoint the almighty blogosphere anymore by living off the radar...

Check out the ol' Myspace Blog for updates on some shows we played this year including CMW / NXNE / SXSW / SCENE / etc, etc, etc..

We know that you've been asking yourself, "Hey, WTF have BCxDC been up to?" Well, amigo - ask no more, 'cause here's your answer: We're working on a new album. The songs are killer. Some of the new songs are a bit slower, heavier, doomier, riff-heavy, with one or two thrashing raging, numbers thrown into the mix. Speaking of which, here's a new song called "From Bone To Dust" recorded in Toronto when we opened for the Misfits a few weeks back:

So, once we finish the album then we're heading off to the UK and Europe in the fall. Been speaking with some rockstars that we know about riding their coattails and jumping on some of their shows over there. But, we'll see what happens... Just gotta get out of indie rock city, and away from the hipster hardcore bands. The international punk rock road is calling our name!

Back soon with studio updates, etc.

Thanks to both of you for reading this.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey, twitters / tweeters / twatters / twizzlers: we're now on Twitter! Follow our sorry asses at: @BCxDC

Also, be sure to check our
Myspace page for TOUR DATES. Lots coming together right now - and things should be kinda busy over the next few months.

We're headed into the ol' jam room tonite to start work on some new songs for a 7" release. Got some killer ideas kicking around so far. A bit more "metallic" perhaps? Hell, I don't know... But definitely a bit more intense.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

You know you've made it when...

The writing is officially on the wall now kids. The Sneaky Dee's hipsterintelligencia have spoken - and the all-important, career-making bathroom wall review is not good. Apparently, we have failed miserably to impress the Dis-Core-Band panel of judges. Maybe a few more payoffs of coke would have been a good idea...? But no matter, it's too late now. Judgment has been cast. And it would appear that all of our dreams of drunken high fives from retro-bangers, message board kings, and thrashing blogger chicks over plates of king's crown nachos have been crushed.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Free Tex Mex food, a week of music parties, and a chance to play a show with Trash Talk in Texas? Fuck yeah, BCxDC are headed to SXSW.

Wed. March 17 @ Red 7

BORN TO LOSE (Texas) - 10 pm
GAGAKIRISE (Japan) - 9 pm
MARUOSA (Japan) - 7:20

And as if that isn't enough... have just called us THE #2 BAND TO WATCH OUT FOR AT SXSW!

SXSW 2010: Bands To Watch For
The bands we're going out of our way to catch:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Alternative Press Reviews "Year Zero"

It should come as no surprise after seeing the band name that Bastard Child Death Cult are not an emo band. In fact, BCDC (featuring former Cancer Bats drummer Joel Bath) couldn't be more straight-down-the-middle if they were driving in the turning lane. This is aggressive, dirty, nasty punk rock, in the vein of pre-Rollins Black Flag and anarchic squatter punks like Discharge. There's nothing pop, emotional or gothic on Year Zero; instead, BCDC's full-length debut is filled with 10 songs that blur into each other without letting up. The album wallows in its single-minded monotony, offering no apologies or sign of compromise, and certainly no mid-record ballads. Year Zero is the aural equivalent of a kick in the face from a particularly mean bouncer and in that, it should be celebrated. People requiring more dynamism from their punk rock bands should look elsewhere.
(STEREO DYNAMITE) Brett Callwood

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Pre-SXSW Love From Our New Friends In Houston

From The Houston Press:

" proves that it pays to just follow a link sometimes. The same goes for Bastard Child Death Cult, whose patches and name we will no doubt we will be stitching on our jean jacket by the end of the year. If you sound like Black Flag and Discharge, Rocks Off can use ya.