Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good morning from the West Annex.

A quick update of strategic activities / warfare / political posturing / afterparty guestlist schmoozing / name-dropping / autotuning / coattail riding and "bro'ing down" from the BCxDC frontline:

NEW GUITAR PLAYER: As most of you know, we have never kept a solid band line-up when it comes to guitar players. We consist mostly as a group of friends who get together and make a lot of noise. As for our guitarists, if someone is available, they come play a show. If not, then someone else takes their place. It's never been a big deal with us, and it's actually made life very easy for everyone. To date, Junior, Darren, Mike and Justin have all been fantastic to work with, and they're all killer players.

But now that we're ramping things up and planning real tours, energy drink endorsed youth culture events, Youtube live simulcasts from various mega-domes, alt/hipster approved award show afterparty performances, in-studio vlogs, fashion spreads in Burlington-come-Brooklyn-via-Parkdale blogs, and general scenester approved appearances, we figured that we'd better get a more stable line up together. Because if Queen St. W. is confused by your band line up, well then son - you're a nobody in THIS town.

And with all that, we'd like to announce that we've settled on a rather stable line up of guitar players: DARREN QUINN - who many of you already know from his time with Monster Voodoo Machine / Redeemer and of course BCxDC, and the new guy: ADAM ARSENAULT. Adam as some of you may know is the 6 string ass-kicker in Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah. The man shreds, riffs heavy, and has the most crushing guitar sound around. Adam will make his live debut with us Nov. 6 in Toronto. We can't wait to kick it into gear with him.

VIDEO NEWS: Tomorrow night we'll be filming a video for "RADIO SILENCE" with our good friend Michael Lylloff directing. I won't ruin any conceptual surprises for you, but if this goes as planned, it should be killer and something a bit out of the ordinary.

CD RELEASE SHOW: OK, so we wanted to put together a Toronto CD release show for "Year Zero". We weren't sure who to add to the line up (or who would even want to play with us!), but NEVER in our wildest dreams did we think that we'd be able to put together a show like this! BURNING LOVE, CRUX OF AUX and WARCRIMES - HOLY FUCK MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE!! A huge THANK YOU to these 3 bands for playing this one with us. This show is gonna rule.

MERCH: Hey, what's that you say? You want to own a killer new BCxDC shirt?? Well then my friend, why not head over to the brand spankin' new STEREO DYNAMITE ONLINE STORE! Here's the link: http://stereodynamite.bigcartel.com

ALBUM #2: The writing is now well underway for our second album. This one is already shaping up to be a bit different than "Year Zero" with the riffs being a lot heavier, and the massive groovetastic whitey-twostep finding its way back into the Sewell songwriting cannon. Less thrash / more Sabbath. Joel Bath is looking for his inner Chuck Biscuits. We're trying to get the album recorded before the end of the year - and released before our East coast tour in the spring.

Oh, and it looks like we've just bought a new BAND VAN! The Joel Bath shaggin' wagon should be on the road any time now.

OK, enough for now. Have to get back to giving things away for free in the social media blogosphere in order to maximize the long tail earning potential of this punk rock band. (Or something like that...)


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