Thursday, October 29, 2009 writes the gospel of "Year Zero".

Killer review of our "Year Zero" album at the brand spankin' new (and completely righteous) site:

Bastard Child Death Cult
Year Zero

Stereo Dynamite

The whole country’s gone MAD, gripped with some kind of interminable, back-breaking FEAR. The pigs have struck. The future is BLEAK. Everyone’s afraid to get out of bed in the morning and the person next to you on the street corner will claw at your throat with unnerving FURY if you should even so much as cough in their general direction. It’s everyone for themselves and it’s HEINOUS. There’s no vaccine for that kind of lawlessness and DOOM. But there is a soundtrack.

Adam Sewell’s (ex-Damn 13, Monster Voodoo Machine) new brain bastard child is BCxDC, an anarchistic black force of Toronto punk metal that features current and former members of Damn 13, Monster Voodoo Machine, Cancer Bats, and Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah. Their debut, Year Zero, is quick and deadly, like a shot of curdled venom from a sharp syringe, and Adam’s putting this one out on his own label, so you know the fucker is serious about its plague-like efficacy.

It’s ROTTEN out there and Cursed isn’t coming back anytime soon, so KILL or be killed.

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