Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WTF BCxDC???? What's up??

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... OK, so we officially lose the "Blog Of The year Award". Apologies, we promise not to disappoint the almighty blogosphere anymore by living off the radar...

Check out the ol' Myspace Blog for updates on some shows we played this year including CMW / NXNE / SXSW / SCENE / etc, etc, etc..

We know that you've been asking yourself, "Hey, WTF have BCxDC been up to?" Well, amigo - ask no more, 'cause here's your answer: We're working on a new album. The songs are killer. Some of the new songs are a bit slower, heavier, doomier, riff-heavy, with one or two thrashing raging, numbers thrown into the mix. Speaking of which, here's a new song called "From Bone To Dust" recorded in Toronto when we opened for the Misfits a few weeks back:

So, once we finish the album then we're heading off to the UK and Europe in the fall. Been speaking with some rockstars that we know about riding their coattails and jumping on some of their shows over there. But, we'll see what happens... Just gotta get out of indie rock city, and away from the hipster hardcore bands. The international punk rock road is calling our name!

Back soon with studio updates, etc.

Thanks to both of you for reading this.

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