Sunday, October 17, 2010

"First rule of Death Cult: TALK ABOUT DEATH CULT!"

Heeeey... we have a "blog". Daaamn, we totally forgot all about this thing. OK, blogosphere, here's something blogworthy to chew on: We're touring the UK - and the chaos starts NEXT WEEK!!

Please be sure to check out: for all of the up-to-date show info. (Trust us, you won't find any late breaking news here...)

Oh, hey: WE RECORDED 3 NEW SONGS! Check 'em out, and please tell all of your friends about them.

“Everything Turns Grey”

“From Bone To Dust”

“Grey Skies”

And lastly, I suppose... We have a new tour shirt for the upcoming UK dates:
OK, that's it for now you blogomaniacs.

More soon from the land of Egg and watercress sandwiches shortly..

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